Paws 2 Care Coalition, the best pet-loving center in Hollywood, FL

Paws2Care Coalition is one of the best rescue centers in Hollywood, FL visit their amazing home to have the best of times surrounded by loving dogs.

In Paws2Care Coalition the wellbeing of pets is the main goal, finding a loving family for each one of them is their favorite thing to do.


Paws2Care Coalition is a pet-loving non-profit organization that prefers adoption over shopping and breeding. They protect and care for homeless and neglected furbabies until they find the perfect family for them.

This amazing organization is here to protect, rescue and offer medical care to abandoned and neglected pets. Isn’t that what we all want to do? A dog’s life matters just as much as ours, which is why keeping this type of organizations alive is so important.

The Paws2Care Coalition is always urging people to get hands-on in the problems and help them protect neglected dogs. Just by adopting instead of shopping and breeding you are being of great help. By adopting, you are contributing big time to stop dog abuse.

Because doggies are such an important part of this community Paws2Care Coalition is always careful with adoption procedures. Before a family can take a pet, their living conditions are checked making sure the furry babies go to a loving and healthy home.

Paws2Care Coalition Mission  

There are 5 basic principles Paws2Care Coalition is always remembering:

  • Rescue as many pets as possible from high kill shelters and abusive environments
  • Protect dogs with shelter, nutrition, recreation and as much love as can be given
  • Provide medical care so they can heal and rehabilitate
  • Search for loving and healthy families for the doggies
  • Educate the community about adoption, spaying or neutering and responsible ownership

Can you identify with these principles? If you do there are many ways of being a part of this community and one of them is volunteering.

How to volunteer?

At Paws2Care Coalition anyone can be a volunteer, you just have to show up and have a positive attitude, plus lots of love to give. All skills are welcome from dog bathing and walking to any ideas that can help Paws2Care Coalition fundraiser.

In Paws2Care Coalition all fur babies have a yard, a couch to play in and even a TV to watch animal planet. They are an important part of the family and they should know it.

Paws2Care Coalition is a 100% no-kill organization, all pets stay with them as long as is needed.

Donations and Events

Paws2Care Coalition has weekly events from fundraisers to adoption events. Because this organization is non-profit, donations are always welcome. There are a lot of benefits that come with being a supporter of this organization like:

  • The donation is tax deductible
  • Your business will be published on their website
  • Your company will be recommended to all their adoptive parents
  • Plus, you are saving lives of awesome loving dogs


If you are interested in being a part of Paws2Care Coalition, visit their website at here you can sign up as a volunteer, donate, keep up with weekly events and much more!

Paws2Care Coalition is one of the best rescue centers in Hollywood, FL visit their amazing home to have the best of times surrounded by loving dogs.

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Gean Biffulco

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