Naia’s Pet Rescue

Do you want to make a change for hundreds of dogs that need your kindness? Do it With Naia’s Pet Rescue in Hollywood, Florida.

With Naia’s Pet Rescue in Hollywood FL, you can adopt or donate to help neglected and abused dogs find a loving home

Are you a dog person? Do you want to make a change for hundreds of dogs that need your kindness? With Naia’s Pet Rescue you don’t need to adopt to contribute; there is more than one way you can get involved.


In Naia’s Pet Rescue, pet protection is a priority. Prior to fostering, you have to apply and meet certain requirements in order to contribute –this way they ensure that pets are indeed, in the right hands.

You can choose a particular pet or breed you’re interested, in case you’re committed to certain causes, like helping pitbulls –Naia was a sweet pitbull that was rescued and now lives as the essence of Naia’s Pet Rescue.


In case you want a new member for your family, you can fill an adoption application to find your perfect fit. Naia’s Pet Rescue believes in matching the right dog to the right family.

All adoptions include vaccinations, spay/neuter, Heartworm test, deworming and microchip. The standard adoption fee is 250.00 –the fee varies depending on each pet.

You can check the Naia’s Pet Rescue official page to find which pets are available for adoption, alongside a little description with a backstory so you can know more about their age, and special needs.


If you already have a pet or you can’t have one at home, you can choose to make a donation that helps Naia’s  get the necessary resources to help hundreds of stray dogs or cats.

Get in touch today!

If you want to know more about Naia’s Pet Rescue, you can call at 954-947-7387 or write an email at

You can also check their official website or visit them at Pompano beach, FL 33064.

Don’t wait any longer. There are hundreds of cats and dogs are waiting for your help. Contact Naia’s Pet Rescue today and help a little angel find a new home!

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Gean Biffulco

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