Together We Stand: Aquaponic Gardens and Practical Education in Hollywood, FL

Together We Stand is a declaration of community, a family you can join and be part of to learn about the application and teaching of aquaponics in Hollywood, Florida.

oEver wanted to help the environment through sustainable practices that actually work? With Together We Stand you can learn about how water-based biological eco-system can help promote naturally balanced and mutually beneficial relationships for our environment.

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Joining a cause gives us a sense of purpose that increases our sense of well being while giving us that feeling of belonging. Together We Stand is a declaration of community, a family you can join and be part of to learn about the application and teaching of aquaponics. There you will learn about how the elements of the natural ecosystems work together to benefit both individuals and bio-systems in a harmonic way.

The science behind TWS relies on the application of natural agricultural elements and earth-friendly technologies, to create a sense of togetherness with nature, through work and cooperation. The ultimate goal of Together We Stand is to achieve not only a better condition of life but a richer and more full-filled way of life.”

TWS focuses on the following areas of interest:

  • Aquaponics & Hydroponics
  • Urban Farming & Gardening
  • Medicinal Herbs, Remedies & Teas
  • Homestead Self-sustainability

So, how does this work? You can join by taking a class or workshop:

  • “Introduction to Aquaponics,”
  • “Build your Aquaponic System”
  • “Growing in South Florida”
  • “Intro to Urban Farming”

With classes, you can expect a 90 – 120 minutes long with a cost of $35 – $85 depending on the course content while workshops consist of 4hrs classes with class/lab time combined and with a price of $75 to $150 per day.

Other alternatives include day camps, school tours, and private group tours.

Get Involved Today

If you enjoy science, gardening and animal care and you’re interested in participating alongside Together We Stand you can volunteer here:

You can also help by becoming a supporting member or a gardening member. By providing individual support, or by helping through donations.

You can find TWS at Hollywood Lake Project, 3350 North 57 Drive, Hollywood, Florida 33021 and make sure to like Together We Stand Fanpage on Facebook to know more about how to help the community.

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Written by:
Gean Biffulco

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