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Greek Foods Specialty has been South Florida’s original Greek distributor and market since 1981. Always providing high-quality products.

Greek Foods Specialty has been South Florida’s original Greek distributor and market since 1981. Always providing high-quality products Greek Foods Specialty has created and maintained an impeccable reputation throughout the years.

Deliver friendly service and the best Greek products that reach south Florida has always been one of their main objectives. They have over 30 years of service and are planning for more years to come.

In this market, you will be able to find brands like Zeoz Beer, Kontos, Krinos, Misco, Grecian Delight, Mythos, Tuvunú, Dodoni, and Amita.

Greek Foods Specialty is a family business that has been run by the family for centuries. Their owners are interested in treating you like one of their own, which is why the service at this Greek market is one of a kind.

One of the characteristics that make this place shine is the authenticity of their products; buying here to cook at home or at a party will make you go to Greece and back with just a bite.

Because Greek Foods Specialty is completely invested in quality, only the best Greek products are sold, making sure the customers’ needs are met.

In addition to being a market, it also distributes to the finest restaurants, hotels, clubs, caterers, and cruises in south Florida, the Caribbean, South America and more.

Products offered  

Some of the products you can find in Greek Foods Specialty are:

  • Wide selection of imported Greek foods
  • Greek and Bulgarian cheeses
  • Olives and olive oils
  • Pastries cookies and filo dough
  • Imported Wines, beers
  • Greek waters, juices, and sodas

The wonderful thing about Greek Foods Specialty is the uniqueness and flavor of their products. Some of their most popular articles are:

  • Souvlaki (Pork and Chicken)
  • Ortikia (Quails)
  • Bastrouma and Soujouk
  • Whole Wheat Pita
  • Kefalotiri Cheese
  • Grated Romano Cheese
  • Imported Greek Kalamata and Black
  • Tarama (Greek Carp Roe Caviar)
  • Spanakopita and Tyropita (Spinach and Cheese Pies)

Plus, food is not their only specialty, alcoholic beverages and juices can also be found in Greek Foods Specialty. Brands like Kleoni Wines, Nico Lazaridi or My Big Fat Greek Wines are here just for you to enjoy.

In addition to unique foods you can also find interesting articles for decoration or gifts:

  • Greek statues, Vases, and plates
  • Greek Music
  • Imported Greek religious items like icons, charcoal, incense

Most products offered by Greek Foods Specialty are imported from Greece itself and are without question of the best quality.

As you can see there is no better place to buy Greek food than Greek Foods Specialty.  


Greek Foods Specialty has had an impeccable reputation for more than 30 years now, so look no further and buy your Greek products here. If you are interested in visiting or just looking for a specific product go check out their website at…… where you will find all their stock in detail.

The Greek Foods Specialty family is waiting for your visit, stop by the store so you can travel to Greece and back with just a short car ride.  


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Written by:
Gean Biffulco

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