El Rinconcito Colombiano, the best place to taste Colombian and Latin Cuisine in Hollywood, FL

El Rinconcito Colombiano is one of the best places in Hollywood to appreciate Colombian and Latin cuisine. It’s a colorful place to enjoy amazing flavors.
El Rinconcito Colombiano is one of the best places in Hollywood to appreciate Colombian and Latin cuisine. It’s is a cozy and colorful place to enjoy the amazing flavors that Colombia has for you. With all the spices and national plates, they will make your mouth water.

Plus, they also have salty and sweet takeaway options easy to eat on the way to work or just for a special occasion. From appetizers to dessert you will love each and every one of the flavors offered by El Rinconcito Colombiano.

It’s a perfect place to visit with friends and family and have an amazing afternoon or evening meal.

Oh! And one more thing they have UberEats! Which means you can have your favorite dishes delivered soy you can savor each mouthful in the comfort of your home.

Let’s see the menu

This special place has the best Latin food in town, here are some of the most flavory dishes they offer on their menus:

  • Calentado Colombiano
  • Desayuno Americano
  • Huevos Revueltos
  • Casserole Eggs
Comidas Típicas
  • Bandeja Paisa
  • Cazuela de Frijoles
  • Chuleta Caleña
  • Picaña
  • Lengua a la Criolla
Seafood Gems
  • Camarones al ajillo
  • Grille Salmon
  • Mojarra frita
  • Ceviche Mixto
  • Arroz con Camarones y Ensalada
  • Pechuga de Pollo en salsa criolla
  • Chicken and rice

All of these can be accompanied by rice, beans, maduros, tostones, fried potatoes, yuca, vegetables, salad and a variety of other options.  

Additional Portions

  • Arepa Pequeña
  • Carne Molida
  • Maduros/Sweet plantain
  • Vegetales mixtos
  • Aguacate
Weekend Specials
  • Mondongo
  • Sancocho de Cola
  • Ajiaco

If this was not enough, El Rinconcito Colombiano also offers amazing appetizers from two Latin cultures Venezuela and Colombia. Here are some of their options:

Venezuelan Appetizers
  • Pabellón Criollo
  • Arepa con jamón y Queso
  • Arepa con chicharrón
  • Empanadas
Colombian Appetizers
  • Chorizo con arepa pequeña
  • Super tostones
  • Aborrajado
  • Tamales con arepa

I’m already hungry, Latin food is known for its delicious flavors and spices which is why you should go visit this amazing place and get to know new and edgy flavors.

But it is not over, no meal is complete without dessert, right? Here are their options:
  • Flan de queso
  • Arroz con Leche
  • Tres Leches

In addition to incredible sweet desserts they also have the most amazing beverages to accompany the perfect meal, and yes even though most plates are written in Spanish servers won’t have a problem explaining exactly how incredible each of them is and tastes. Plus, you have all the details written on the menu.


If you are ready for new flavors El Rinconcito Colombiano is just the place for you. Visit their webpage at………………. To check out their schedules and UberEats options.


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Gean Biffulco


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