Casual Lunches in Hollywood

Lunch doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. Next time you feel like eating outside without breaking the bank, check out one of these awesome spots:

Dining out can get pricey. $20 here, $40 there … it all adds up over the course of a week, month and year. Unfortunately, eating at home is easier said than done – sometimes you don’t feel like cooking or doing meal prep for the week.

Thankfully, Hollywood’s restaurants offer a variety of budget-friendly selections to make dining out a little easier on your wallet. Lunch doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg when you go out. The next time you need to grab a quick bite and don’t feel like breaking the bank, check out one of these awesome spots:

Patty Macs

This restaurant’s name screams “laid back,” and it certainly is. As you can probably guess from the name, the eatery is known for its mac and cheeses. Sure, you could also go with the classic iteration but at Patty Macs, you’re better off diversifying your palate. Some of the highlights include the cheeseburger mac, buffalo chicken mac and carbonara mac (with yummy pancetta). These macs are priced in the teens, so it’s a little expensive but the portions are big and can double as dinner.

Despite the name, mac and cheese isn’t the venue’s only claim to fame. Hearty sandwiches, salads and flatbreads round out the menu; whether you’re sticking to a diet or throwing caution to the wind, there’s something for you at Patty Macs.

Shabo’s Barbecue

The Mediterranean and American flavours mix at Shabo’s Barbecue, which offers an expansive lunch special menu. Most items like the chicken shawarma pita, gyro, Philly cheese chicken sandwich and classic cheeseburger clock in at under ten bucks, and they all come with a free side. For just a few dollars more, though, you can enjoy bites like the shrimp pita, beef quesadilla and more.

Guests who like a little breakfast with their lunch can take advantage of the daily brunch menu, which overlaps with Shabo’s lunch offerings. On that menu, you’ll find Mediterranean eggs benedict, kebab and eggs, and the Egyptian Egga (falafel dough mixed with eggs, pan-cooked. Unlike the lunch offerings, these don’t come with a free side. Running low on time? Order online for faster turn-around.

Dark Brew

One of the newer spots in the neighbourhood (as of this writing), Dark Brew might sound like just another café. It’s not: They take the craft seriously. They take it so seriously that they have a machine that prints the picture of your choice into the foam of your coffee. So if you’ve ever wanted to put your favourite sports team’s logo or even an emoji into your coffee, you can.

While coffee is the main star here, Dark Brew also provides customers with some delicious food offerings. Savoury and sweet crepes are available – get the berries and cream one – and they’re joined by heftier dishes like a turkey panini and club sandwich, as well as prosciutto toast and avocado toast. But seriously, you need to check out that latte foam art machine – it’s a gamechanger.


Le Tub

This is the place where diets come to die. At Le Tub, bar food is the name of the game. Expect the usual suspects like mozzarella sticks, fries, fish dip and meats galore. The sirloin burger is a monster – in other words, a 13-ounce behemoth that costs only $11. That’s a steal, as are other items like a $9 chicken sandwich and the restaurant’s famous chilli for $5. You can roll out of here without spending too much money.

If you do want to splurge, though, you can: Seafood items like shrimp, crab legs and clams command a higher premium, but they’re worth the expense. Lunchtime is way less rowdy than dinner, so a mid-day visit is probably best if you’re looking for a laidback meal.


The Black Beans Cafe

When we think of Latin food, we immediately think of two things: big portions and cheap prices. The Black Beans Café checks both those boxes. Selections like the breaded chicken and the Cuban sandwich are reliable musts, and the Cuban coffee will definitely wake you up and put some hair on your chest. For starters, don’t miss out on an order of plantain chips – you’ll get a mountain of them. Most lunch specials cost between $5 to $10.

Fair warning: Parking can be a little tricky due to all the construction in the area. However, it’s worth the time to find a parking spot. You may be better off coming at an off-time, to be honest. No matter the time of day you visit, be prepared for a ton of leftovers. There’s also a short-and-sweet kids’ menu if you want to bring the family along. Best of all, you’ll be out of there fast; the staff works hard to get you out of there quick without making you feel rushed.

Written by:
Geoffrey Anderson Jr.

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