BrightStar Credit Union, there is no better place to invest in

BrightStar Credit Union is the ideal place for you. With some of the best financial advisors there is no loss when working with BrightStar Credit Union.

Looking for a place to invest? Help you with a new business? Or just guide you in finances? BrightStar Credit Union is the ideal place for you. With some of the best financial advisors, there is no loss when working with BrightStar Credit Union.

This organization is one of the largest credit unions in Florida, with assets greater than 420 million and more than 85 million Americans that belong to the union.   

Being part of the BrightStar family is easy and has huge profits, are you ready to know more?

About BrightStar

Before going forward, it is relevant to understand what a credit union actually is. BrightStar is a member-owned non-profit financial cooperative, which means every member is as important as the other and they all have a vote in the credit union board of directors regardless of what’s in your deposit.  

Sounds good right? To be a part of the BrightStar family you have to:

  • Live in one of the following counties: Broward, Collier, Lee, Martin, Miami Dade, Palm Beach or Lucie  
  • Be associated with any educational institution in Broward County
  • Be related by blood any to one member of the BrightStar family
  • Be a local partner in the counties mentioned  

Being a member of BrightStar will also get you some of the most competitive rates in:

  • Savings
  • Money Market Accounts
  • CDs
  • IRAs
  • Interest Checking
  • Auto Loans
  • Credit Card Rates
  • Home Equity Loans and much more!

BrightStar Services  

Now that you know what BrightStar is about there are many products and services available to you, some of them are:


  • Checking Services

Anything you need to do related to checkings BrightStar makes it easy for you. From Online Banking and Bill pay to direct deposits, they have it all just a click away.


  • Savings

Interested in overseeing your savings? BrightStar is just the place for you, here, you will be able to check your savings and wish accounts, assess the IRA rate sheet and even examine money market accounts.


  • Loans For all Reasons

Truly, BrightStar has loans for every one of your needs from auto loans or mortgages to home equity products or cash back programs.


  • Financial Fitness

Keeping track of all our financial movements can be hard sometimes, but do not worry, BrightStar is there for you. They have some of the best financial counseling teams in Florida.


  • Insurance Services

We all worry about insurance and how to get the best one at the lowest rates. With BrightStar, you are all covered.


  • Investment Services

If you are interested in investing there is always someone there to help you understand the risk, conditions and of course profits.

Not enough? Well, BrightStar also has exceptional business services offering excellent lines of credit, term loans, and equipment financing. As you can see BrightStar has your back unlike any other credit union in America. Plus, their advisors can also clarify their services for employee benefits and payroll services.  


If you are interested in investing with BrightStar, take a look at their webpage at Here you can learn more about their services and products. Investing with BrightStar is a win-win relationship.


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Written by:
Gean Biffulco

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