5 Delicious Asian Restaurants in Hollywood

Asian cuisine is no exception. Whether you’re seeking some light sushi or some comforting Chinese fare, there’s something for everyone in Hollywood.

It’s no secret that Hollywood’s dining scene is diverse. It’s easy to find just about any cuisine you want in the area. In the mood for Mexican? Craving some Peruvian? Just want some good ol’ American burgers? You can find them all around the neighbourhood if you know where to look.

Asian cuisine is no exception. Whether you’re seeking some light sushi or some comforting Chinese fare, there’s something for everyone in Hollywood. Here are just four of the many Asian offerings you can enjoy:


Hiro Maru Sushi

Variety is the spice of life, and Hiro Maru Sushi certainly embraces variety. Dozens of sushi rolls are available at this Japanese joint, and it’s likely you’ll spend some time going through the whole menu. The low-key sushi spot makes quite the first impression: Plates are colourful and Instagram-worthy; you’ll be reaching for your phone the second you see your plate. Not only is the food a feast for the eyes, but it’s also a feast for your taste buds. Flavours pop, and you can tell the fish is super-fresh.

The name can be deceiving. While sushi is the star of the show, there are a ton of other options if raw fish isn’t your style. Chicken katsu, beef tataki and stir-fry selections ensure that everyone in your party – even the pickiest of eaters – has a great experience. Hiro Maru’s reasonable pricing will tempt you to order a ton of food, but don’t overdo it; portions are large. Don’t worry – you’ll be back.



Asia 1

This no-frills Chinese restaurant is fast, cheap and good. Takeout makes up a big chunk of their business, but this is food that’s best enjoyed on the spot. Fortunately, Asia 1 features a number of tables for guests to dine-in and indulge. The noodle dishes are our favourite, so load up on chow mein and lo mein; dishes are sizable and should last for at least another day (yay, leftovers!). Unlike your typical Chine

se spot where food can get oily and heavy, the fare here is surprisingly light; you won’t hate yourself after a meal.

No matter what you order, make sure you get some wonton soup with your food. Heck, just get the wonton soup on its own. Don’t leave without trying it – trust us on this.





We know what you’re thinking: “This sounds like a Mexican restaurant.” Yes, it is – partially. The Yellow Green Farmers Market vendor fuses together Asian and Mexican influences to create a varied menu that caters to multiple tastes.  While there are tacos and quesadillas on the menu, what really stands out are the non-Mexican dishes. A “tuna tower” with yellowfin tuna, guac and kimchi is a must, as is the “tuna cruda” taco with sliced avocado and cumin-lime crema. Bowls are also available if you’re trying to be a little healthier and cut some carbs.

Soon enough, Oaxaka’s offerings won’t be limited to weekends when the market is open: The vendor is looking to open its spot on Harrison Street any day now. With a full kitchen, Oaxaka will be able to offer even more delicious fare like Japanese eggplant, Vietnamese wings and more.




A Thai Restaurant

A Thai Restaurant might not have the most exciting name or decor, but the food that the Hollywood restaurant puts out is definitely exciting. The cosy family-owned operation takes great care in putting together a high-quality menu for guests. Familiar classics like pad Thai and chicken satay are always solid choices, but we suggest you get a little adventurous.

Mee krob (fried noodles in sweet-sour sauce) and spicy squid aren’t things you’ll find in many places, so make it a point to “eat outside the box” and expand your palate. Even if you do decide to stick within your comfort zone, two things are sure at A Thai Restaurant: 1) You won’t break the bank and 2) You’ll leave full and satisfied. This hole-in-the-wall spot is special.


Mr Mei Bakery & Restaurant

Mr Mei Bakery & Restaurant is another Asian fusion restaurant in Hollywood that is worth your while. Here, you’ll find a mix of Malaysian and Chinese food that’s heavy on seafood. Fans of shrimp, crab, clams, lobster, stingray (!) and other sea favourites will find plenty to like. That’s not to say that meat selections are lacking. In fact, proteins like chicken, duck and beef are everywhere, too, so you can mix and match to your heart’s – and stomach’s – desire.

What we like most of all is the price here: You can eat a full meal for under $10 if you want or you can drop some serious cash and have food for days. Don’t miss out on the bubble tea during your visit; flavours like honeydew, red bean, almond and mango are perfect for all guests with a sweet tooth.  

Written by:
Geoffrey Anderson Jr.

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