4 Hollywood Seafood Restaurants Worth Visiting

When you’re craving seafood, where do you go? Hollywood is full of fun spots serving up high-quality seafood. But we've got you the perfect spots

When you’re craving seafood, where do you go? Hollywood is full of fun spots serving up high-quality fish, oysters and more. It’s just a matter of where to look. Below, you’ll find four great establishments for chowing down on some top-notch seafood. 

Billy’s Stone Crab 

When you tout your seafood as some of the best in the Broward area, you better back up that statement. Billy’s Stone Crab certainly does. The menu is seafood through and through – if you’re looking for chicken, beef and other non-aquatic fares, you’re better off somewhere else. 

The star of the show here is the stone crab selection; you can opt for all-you-can-eat or a la carte (we think the former is the better deal). The same offer extends to the Alaskan king crab legs. Not a shellfish fan? No worries, as seafood entrees are plentiful too. 

Fish tacos are great for a lighter bite, while hungrier patrons can take advantage of fresh black grouper fillet and Atlantic salmon alongside hearty shrimp options of the fried and stuffed variety. One thing to keep in mind is the price: This is not an inexpensive restaurant. You’re likely leaving with a bill in the triple digits if you’re two people. That said, you get what you pay for.

Ankari 51

If you like your seafood with some Latin flair, then head on over to Ankari 51. Known for its Peruvian cuisine, Ankari 51 provides guests with fresh seafood in a wide range of presentations. Cold dishes like the black clam ceviche cocktail are perfect for cooling off from the South Florida Heat, while hot appetizers such as the seafood parmesan and grilled shrimp brochettes add a little spice to your experience. 

Speaking of ceviche, you’ll find that the signature Peruvian dish takes up a big portion of the menu. You can have your traditional fish ceviche and shrimp ceviche should you prefer something classic, but there’s also a ceviche trio and the restaurant’s namesake ceviche if you’re feeling adventurous; the latter features black mussels and stone crab claws – yum!

Prefer your seafood cooked? Expect to find items like shrimp fried rice (chaufa), Thai fish, octopus with huancaina risotto and paella among the varied selections on the menu. The menu is so big that everyone in your party should have no issues finding something that fits their palate. This is the place to go if you have picky friends or just want to expand your flavor profile. Pro tip: It may not be seafood, but don’t miss the suspiro limeno for dessert. 

Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort

For a meal worthy of a top chef, check out Point Royal at The Diplomat Beach Resort. This restaurant by celebrity toque Geoffrey Zakarian is renowned for its upscale Coastal American cuisine. Start your dinner with a grand platter of oysters, shrimp, clams, lobster cocktail and king crab, and never look back. It may be $75 but it’s $75 well spent. Small plates like fried calamari and tomato and ricotta are ideal for sharing; load up on a few if the grand platter is out of your budget. 

Entrees are predominantly seafood with a few non-aquatic offerings peppered in. Standouts on the seafood side include local black grouper and pan-roasted Key West snapper. Our favourite, though, is the grilled branzino with its fennel, cilantro and local greens. On paper, it doesn’t sound like much, but the flavours just pop once they hit your palate; don’t let the description deter you. 

Should you find the prices a little too high for your tastes, then hurry in for the restaurant’s oyster hour. Its rendition of happy hour includes $2 oysters and an assortment of cocktails and other drinks for under $10. Please note this offer is only valid in the bar area.

Mr Q Crab House

Don’t wear your nice clothes to Mr Q Crab House. At this New Orleans-inspired eatery, you’re going to get your hands dirty with the restaurant’s signature seafood boils. Go to town on Dugeness crab, crayfish, lobster tails and more. Portions are generous and come with corn, potato and other hearty sides. 

Other Louisiana-esque selections including crawfish etouffee, red beans and rice, and po boys. Fried shrimp, catfish and oyster options round out the extensive menu here. Let’s talk about the décor: You feel like you’re on an actual ship. Because the restaurant embraces the crab house concept, you definitely don’t feel like you’re in Hollywood anymore.  It’s a no-frills spot, and the pricing reflects that; it’s reasonable for the amount of food you’re getting.

Aside from the food, service is exceptional and worth mentioning. Servers are super attentive and on top of everything; you won’t have to ask for refills or try to flag down your waiter or waitress for something. Mr. Q Crab House is an all-around winner.

Written by:
Geoffrey Anderson Jr.

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